Memo to j-students, get out of the dang chair already

Prof KRG, one of my favorite Twitterers, recently took to her blog to pen an open letter to student journalists who moan about how “nothing ever happens on campus.” Since I just had this exact same conversation with my j-students, it struck home, particularly:

You have to remove your ass from your chair, leave the newsroom and go out into the world to discover the news. News is greater than what you see in your line of sight from your comfy chair or when looking out your dorm window. It is more than what you are hand fed via email. 

News is about a natural curiosity. It is about being among the people and *gasp* talking to them. That’s right, the rules have changed. Now that you’re in college, I want you to talk to strangers — on purpose. 

It’s a lesson that I think is increasingly important as students reared on the Web expect everything to come to them from some sort of screen. I’m no Luddite, but this is one instance we’re I’ll go on a “damn kids today” rant about them not looking up from their phones or laptops.

J-Educators, what are some ways you’re getting your students out of their chairs and out into the wide, scary world?


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